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Terms & Conditions - Selling a Vehicle

Terms and conditions 

Schedule 1 - Sale of vehicles to us

  • These terms.
        1. What these terms cover. These terms are the terms and conditions on which you sell a vehicle to us. 
  • Making a sale
      1. Sale. If you wish to make a sale please contact us by telephoning 01932 640113 or 07983 930113 or by writing to us at We will not be bound to purchase a vehicle from you and no binding contract will come into existence until we accept your enquiry and issue you with a purchase confirmation email. 
      2. Information. You must provide us with all relevant information that you have of the vehicle relating to the provenance, export/import history, HPI status, condition and service and restoration history. 
    1. Warranties and obligations.
    1. You make any warranties implied by law, you warrant us that any information that you provide in relation to the vehicle is complete, correct, and up-to-date and, where applicable, that the vehicle has been lawfully obtained and imported/exported as required by the laws of any applicable country with any duties/taxes paid. 
    2. You also guarantee to us that the vehicle which you sell to us are of a reasonable quality and fit for any purpose of which we make you aware.
    3. You must inform us promptly if you find out that any information you have provided of the vehicle to be incorrect or incomplete.
    4. You warrant that you are the true owner of the vehicle or are properly authorised to sell the vehicle by the true owner and are able to sell the vehicle to us without restriction and without the consent of any other person.
    5. You are solely responsible for paying any outstanding duties and taxes that are found to be due on the vehicle that you sell us.
  • Contract.
      1. Any information that you provide in relation to the vehicle may form part of the contract between the both of us. 
      2. We have the right to reject the vehicle if the information provided is inaccurate.
      3. We will make payment to you before you release the vehicle to us via the payment method specified in the purchase confirmation email. 
      4. The price we pay for the vehicle will be as agreed between you and us.
      5. The vehicle will become our property on the earlier of (i) payment by us for the vehicle and (ii) delivery of the vehicle to us or collection of them by us.
      6. We are only able to proceed with the purchase of the vehicle once you have provided us with the necessary information, which may include (without limitation) the following:
        1. Vendor name
        2. Address
        3. Email address
        4. Telephone number
        5. Method of payment and payment information
      7. Any information you provide us will only be used in accordance with our privacy policy. Please contact us if you would like to view our privacy policy.