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Classic Minis For Sale – The John Cooper LE 40 Classic Minis For Sale – The John Cooper LE 40 > Classic Minis For Sale – The John Cooper LE 40

Classic Minis For Sale – The John Cooper LE 40

Instantly recognised around the world, the “classic” Mini is without doubt one of the most illustrious cars to be designed and manufactured in Britain. Produced by the British Motor Company (BMC) and Rover between 1959-2000, the Mini was actually conceived out of austerity. Sir Leonard Lord (Head of the Morris Company) commissioned his lead engineer, Alec Issigonis, to design a small fuel-efficient car capable of carrying four adults and yet be affordable to all. Since small was fashionable Issigonis was also told that the new vehicle had to fit into a box no larger than 10ft long x 4ft wide x 4ft high. It was from this challenge that the Mini was born. Amazingly, despite a few minor modifications over the years, the overall concept and design for the vehicle remained largely true to Issigonis’s initial idea. Though small in size, the Mini’s space-saving transverse engine and front-wheel drive arrangement allowed for 80% of the floorplan area to be used for occupants and their luggage, a layout that influenced a generation of car manufacturers.

While the car would prove to be a great example of well-engineered micro design, the iconic Mini persona is really its most enduring legacy. The crowning glory came in 1999 when the Mini was voted the second most influential car of the 20th century (behind the Ford Model T) by the Global Automotive Elections Foundation. Awarded merely a year before the final Mini would roll off the Longbridge production line, it was perhaps a fitting farewell to a car which had endured largely unchanged for over 4 decades, had sold 5,387,862 examples to every corner of the globe, and whose honest construction had entered the hearts of us all.

The Mini John Cooper LE 40 was released in 1999 with a production run of 300 units as a tribute to 40 years of the Mini and to pay homage to the 40th anniversary of the Cooper F1 World Championship. The LE 40 was only available in Brooklands Green with an Old English White roof and bonnet stripes, over a contrasting Grenadine Red leather interior trim. Each car was built to a very high specification, which included Rallye-style spot lamps, Sportspack wheel arches, 13” alloy wheels and an engine-turned dash with Magnolia faced dials.


Classic Minis For Sale – Our John Cooper LE 40

Originally supplied by Skinners Rover on 7th January 2000, our Mini John Cooper LE 40 displays approximately 49,000 miles and is a splendid example. According to the accompanying documentation, the car spent its first 8 years as a daily driver before retiring to life as a classic toy, with recurring periods spent in storage.

She is sold MoT’d until 26th November 2021, recently serviced and with all four alloy wheels newly refurbished. Supplied with a comprehensive history file enclosing a fully stamped service book, owner’s manuals, original sales brochure, MoT certificates and sundry invoices detailing mileage and works completed.

The latest of our growing collection of classic Minis for sale. Find out more here.


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At PM Antiques we strive to find prestigious classic vehicles to add to our stocklist. From barn finds to concours winners, single vehicles to whole estates, we offer a courteous professional service and a fast decision. For more information and to browse our other classic Minis for sale, please visit our Classic Cars page.

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