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At PM Classic Cars we aim to make the delivery or collection of your classic car as smooth and easy as possible.

Buyers Collection 

  • When does the car become available to collect?

    Once the vehicle is agreed to be sold to you, and the order confirmation document has been signed the vehicle will become available to collect after payment has been completed. 

    Additionally, if you have requested any alterations to be made to the
    vehicle and we have agreed to complete them, the car will then become available to collect after this work has been completed. An estimated period of time will be given to complete this work in the agreement.
  • Who organises the collection of the car?

    The individual who purchases the car is responsible for organising the collection of the vehicle. We will communicate with you on a time to collect the car. If you are unable to collect the car in the allocated time we are happy to supply you with details of a reliable car delivery service, who we work with.
  • How long do I have to collect the car?

    From the purchase date you have 14 days to collect the car, unless otherwise agreed previously. If there are delays outside of control for reasons you cannot collect the car, you will be informed as soon as possible.
  • When am I responsible for the vehicle?

    You are responsible for the vehicle from the moment you collect the car from us. Including driving the vehicle away while still on our property.
  • When do I own the car?

    You are the owner of the car once we have received full payment and once the paperwork has been sent to the Driver and Licensing Agency (DVLA) to register you as the owner and keeper of the car. This will be filed electronically the day you collect the car from us, as long as we have the correct information required from you. 
  • Please see our terms & conditions for more details regarding the process of buying a classic car with us.

Seller's collection

  • Who is responsible for the collection or Delivery of the Vehicle to PM Classic Cars?

    We are responsible for the collection of the vehicle. Phil, will either come and collect it himself or a reliable car collection company will be used to collect the vehicle on Phil’s behalf.
  • For more information regarding the sale of vehicles to PM Classic Cars please see our Sell Your Classic Car Page and terms & conditions for full details.

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